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Interview - our first poster

What is it that you do?

We, the musicians of the SRSO are excited to have the great chance to form an entire symphony orchestra from scratch which will be able to bring to life all this exciting and truly wonderful sources of inspiration, people from all corners of the world share with the Conference of the Birds on the SILK ROAD CULTURAL BELT, a global interactive music project supported by Google Ad Grants for non profits.

What is your specialization?

Our specialization is to define our self through a very specific, basic, modestly speaking, universal background: the Silk Road Cultural Belt which is present in 213 countries and where people from already 22 countries left a piece of silk in the belt and are composing the new silk road. This allows us to connect with people who have strong and sincere feelings for the quality they want to share with others - with audiences from different continents - especially young audiences, who love classical music, but are looking for a modern global approach. The importance lies not in the social ball f.e. of a certain social circle. The meaning is hidden in the silk, in the quality of the ear, in the heart of an audience, which is becoming a global conference of the birds actively 'composing their Silk Road'. That's really exciting. The meaning is in the quality of the silk, with the specific musical conditions, with what is dear to each person who freely chooses to share a loved piece of classical music. Of course no one has to. You understand that you know what you love.

What makes you different from the rest?

Thanks to the SRCB we, as musicians, as artists of the SRSO discover day by day a strong, real and clear support of what is understandable for our ears because what people like you and me share there with the world is real artistic silk and we include them directly in the very basic process of creating programs for a specific audience. So it naturally became necessary for us to get together and to found an orchestra which surrounds itself with such an idea and to serve this kind of vision fits perfectly with our mission to do the next step with our audience consciously. SRSO and SRCB support each other in a wonderful way - and audiences feel this artistic independency which allows us to focus entirely on our work and the unique silk people share with us.

Describe who you are using five or ten words (e.g. young, vibrant, technology based etc.)

The SRSO defines a new background for the existence of an orchestra as an instrument': We use the best technologies of our time including NASA, Microsoft, Google, Facebook ect. and all the advantages of our time to serve classical music not loosing the ideal meaning of feelings in a wide range of forms classical music has as a form of quality and meaning. Age does not matter - respect does, focus does, commitment does, professionalism does. We are birds and we share what we love. We believe that there is so much more to be discovered thanks to local and international audiences which are growing day by day thanks to the SRCB.

For us it is joy, a real privilege for which we are grateful - silence.

What is the purpose of the poster?

To support audiences in Berlin to get the meaning of the idea it self. That it is about them. They can share their ideas and their ears will find us to make them sound.

What do you want to tell with this poster?

That it is not one more orchestra but that the SRSO is a necessary conclusion and a result of the increasing quantity and quality of sources of inspiration on the SRCB(30.000 visitors so far. 800 each day. Only in Germany the SRCB is present in 1500 Cities). This orchestra was born in Africa, at the Ngorongoro Crater and will play for the first time in Berlin on the 11th of June. The background is not only timeless interpretation but the Conference of the Birds. We are 'Profis' and music lovers at the same time. How would you express fundamental human qualities? Music beyond borders. Music without borders.

Are you bringing something new to the market?

This combination is new and to involve a global audience through a virtual, interactive and digital music project of this kind is a new approach. We grow with the old and new together. Past, present and future support each other.

What makes this concert special?

Again, the background: Born in Tanzania at the 5th Global Table of the BMW Foundation, realized by the Callias Foundation in Berlin, supported by Google Ad Grants and friends, first - a concert for the musicians them self. And our first source of inspiration, Walter Hu from Beijing, will be in Berlin specially for this concert. Can you imagine ?! We don't base our identity on a City or a nation. We base our self as an orchestra only on the idea and the vision of the SRCB - on the Silk people left there to be brought to life through the SRSO or others! A great program and we have a special guest : A real Lure player. Stier Horn. Alfonso Gravina. A germanic War horn.

Do you have any ideas or references?

Like the first page of the SRCB:

DEBUT. minimalistic.

Are there any restrictions we should know about?

No. Taste is subjective. Our criteria is that every poster we make shall remain a piece of art in our kitchen.

What is the size and shape of the poster?

What is the usual size of a Poster ??

The interview took place on the 12th of May between Anna Danès from Molina Visuals and Jan Moritz Onken, our conductor and musical director.

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