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Eyal Edelmann

Welcome to the Conference of the Birds !

Wir freuen uns über die Nachricht, dass Eyal Edelmann (Israel) bei den nächsten Berliner Dialogkonzerten das Callias Ensemble als Bassist unterstützen wird.

Zu seinem Werdegang:

Eyal, 1981, Born in a kibbutz in north Israel.

Started to play the Tuba at the age of 9, and began to sing at the age of 16.

Playing the Tuba, He served in the Israeli army Orchestra, played solo with Orchestras All over the World, gave masterclasses and won the 2008 Aviv competition for brass.

After his army Service, singing became his main doing.

Singing in the Israeli Opera company, studying voice in the Buchman Mehta school of music in the Tel Aviv University and other projects.

Between 2009 and 2014, Eyal sang Bass for the international Acapella ensamble "The Voca People".

Lives in Berlin since 2010. Nowdays, combining music and working as a tour guide for Israelis in Berlin and around it.

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